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Nb 20 – Miriam’s death. Moses’ doubt at the quarrel water

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In the first month the entire community arrived in the desert of Zin and the people camped at Kadesh and Miriam died there and was buried. And the community has no water and gathered against Moses and Aaron. And the people quarreled with Moses and said: if only we had died when our brothers died before the Lord.
Why have you brought us here that we may die here with our cattle. Why have you led us out of Egypt into this terrible place where one can plant nothing, where there are neither figs, nor grapes, nor pomegranates nor any water to drink?
Then Moses and Aaron turned away from the community and went to the tabernacle, fell face down and the glory of the Lord appeared to them. The Lord spoke to Moses: take your staff and gather the community, you and Aaron. Speak to the stone before their eyes, and it will give its water and soak the community including its cattle. Then Moses did as the Lord had commanded and said: listen you rebels, we will bring you water from this stone. Moses raised the staff and struck the stone twice with the staff. A lot of water came out. However, the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron: since you did not trust in me and honor me in front of the Israelites you shall not bring this community into the land I will give you. This is the water of quarrel where the Israelites quarreled and He proved himself to be holy.


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