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Nb 5 – Procedures for impurity, sin and cases of suspected adultery

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And the Lord spoke to Moses and said: Command the children of Israel that they send every leper, every sufferer of pyorrhea and dead unclean things that have become superfluous out of the camp. And the children did as was ordered.
If a man or a woman commits any sin against a man, so shall they confess and report their guilt and add thereto the fifth part, and give it to the other.
But if there is no one they could give it to, then it shall be received by the Lord for the priest, together with the ram of the atonement. Likewise, all donations of sacred gifts of the children of Israel belong to the priest.
Also whatever someone has sanctified and also gives to the priest, shall belong to him.

If any man’s wife is unfaithful and sins against him, if someone lays with her and the truth remains hidden from the man and there is no witness against them, and the spirit of jealousy for the man comes and he is jealous of her, pure or impure, so shall the man bring them to the priest and offer a sacrifice for her. A tenth of a bushel of barley, no oil or frankincense thereon, because it is a jealousy offering, a memorial offering that brings guilt to light. The priest shall lead them out, and take holy water and dust from the floor of the tabernacle and put them in an earthen pot.


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