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Nb 4 – The services of the Levites in the camp

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And the Lord said unto Moses: Take the sum of the sons of Kehath from the sons of Levi according to families and clans, from thirty years old and up to fifty years old, so that they come and serve at the tabernacle. Give it to the sons of Kehath at the liturgy of the tabernacle.

When the camp is ready, Aaron and his sons shall lift the inner curtain and surround the ark of testimony with it, put a blanket of seal skin there, and prepare a whole new cover and put rods through it. The shewbread table also needs a new, broad blanket; put bowls and blankets on it. The bowls and jugs of the drink offering and shewbread must be on it.
And they shall spread a scarlet red blanket and cover them with a blanket of seal skin, and put its poles in. And they shall take a blue cloth and fill the candlesticks, tongs, pans, and oil pots that belong to the service and put them on the supporting rods with seal skin. They shall cover them with a blue blanket and seal skin, and put the poles in on the golden altar. You must put all the equipment for the sanctuary in a blue blanket and cover it with seal skin and carry it on supporting rods. You shall also sweep the ashes from the altar and cover it with a crimson blanket and put all the equipment on it, which you used for services.
Put the smudge pots, forks, shovels, basins, and all the pots of the altar in a blanket of seal skin, prepare it and stick the rods in. If this is aligned, all the sons of Kohath shall come to carry it all, but must not touch the sacred in order not to perish.


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