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Nb 5 – Procedures for impurity, sin and cases of suspected adultery

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He shall bring the woman before the Lord, let her hair down and lay the memorial offering, which is a jealousy offering, in her hand. And the priest shall have the bitter, curse-bringing water in his hand, and put the woman under oath and say to her: If no man has had dealings with you and you have not become unfaithful to your husband, so that you would make yourself impure, you should not harm this water. But if you have been unfaithful to your husband, that you are impure and a man apart from your husband has lain with you,the priest shall utter your vow: May the Lord make your name a curse and a curse among your people, so that the Lord thy thigh dwindle and your stomach shall swell.
And so a curse-bringing water shall go through your body. And the woman shall say: Amen! Amen! Then, on a piece of paper, the priest shall write the curses and wash it with bitter water and give it to the woman to drink; then he shall take from the jealousy offering in his hand and swing it as a food offering to the Lord and offer it at the altar. Namely, he shall take a handful of the food offering as a memorial offering, mix it at the altar, and then let the woman drink it; and it shall destroy her insides, making her belly swell and her hips dwindle.
But if such a woman is not defiled, and is pure, it shall not harm her and she shall become pregnant.
This is the law on jealousy. The man shall be free from guilt, but the woman shall bear it.


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