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Nb – A book of migration

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The latin word “Numeri” was probably taken from the Greek translators (in greek: arithmoi = numbers) because it is a book of factual and numeric superiority, which is frequently in an empty arm rest and is communicated with many repetitions and are already partly used in the third book. The book contains parts and prose that are imposingly offered.

The origin dates back to the 9th century B.C, in the time of the Yahwists, and to the 8th century to the Elohists, yes, until they were exiled and was brought to its finality in the 4th century B.C.

The backbone of the contents are the twelve tribes of Israel, including the Levites. A group of families under a clan, who stand together under a common ancestor.
They are organized in clans or families, united in large families, also called Houses. They take their name from the name or nickname of the ancestor. However, these names were only used after the conquest of (Canaan) Palestine. Nevertheless, every tribe has its own history. It just so happens that the unity of all tribes is only guaranteed by religion, which remains a bitter issue in Israel today.


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