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Jdt – Achior’s Speech

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The truth about the Israelites. They descend from the Chaldeans and formerly lived in Mesopotamia. They abandoned the beliefs of their ancestors and turned their allegiance to the God of heaven. That is why the Chaldeans drove them out, so that they came to Mesopotamia for a time. Their God commanded them to seek out Canaan, where they were to settle. They would become rich in gold, silver, and herds. But because they experienced a famine there, they moved to Egypt and remained there. They grew into a powerful multitude of people. The cunning pharaoh noticed this, and commanded them to cure bricks. They were repressed and made into slaves, but they cried out to God and he afflicted the land of Egypt with plagues. Then the Egyptians chased them out of the land. Then they settled in the land of the Amorites, but then they crossed the Jordan and took possession of all the hill country, chasing out the Canaanites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Schechemites, and all of the Gergesites. As long as they did not sin against their God, they retained their luck; but when their path strayed, they became involved in many wars and were wiped out further and further. They came to foreign lands as captives, even to Babylon. Their God’s temple was destroyed. Their cities were sacrificed. But now they have found their way back to their God. They have made Jerusalem into a holy city again and resettled everything around it. If their actions are against their God, we can go up and destroy them. But if their behavior towards their God is acceptable, then my army would like to keep its distance from a battle, for their God will help them so that we shall be ashamed before all the world.


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