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On this day, Tobit remembered the money he had given Gabael for safekeeping. He called his son to him and gave him all kinds of advice. Then he said to him: “I have entrusted Gabael, the brother of Gabrua, with 10 talents of silver for safekeeping in the city of Rages in Media; be on your way to retrieve the money.” “I want to do it, father, but how can I, since I do not know Gabael?” Tobit gave his son the bond and said: “find someone to accompany you.” Tobias searched and found Raphael. Raphael was an angel, but Tobias didn’t know it. “Do you want to travel with me, Azariah?” That was what Raphael called himself. He brought him before his father. He asked him about his tribe. “I am Azariah, son of the great Hananiah.” “I met him and Nathan, the sons of the great Shemeliah” Tobit said “on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.” “You are welcome, I will give you one drachma per day and expenses as well. Prepare yourself for the journey.”


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