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Is 54 – God promises his people a new era of mercy / Is 55 – Invitation to the God’s covenant

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The desolate woman has more children than she who has a husband, for your Maker is your husband. Hoist your sail, set out your stakes I will cover you with everlasting mercy. You wretch, who suffers all the storms I will raise up your walls with precious stones. He who quarrels with you will fall.

Let’s go! Come over to the water. They, who are penniless, come and eat. Why are you counting your money? Come hither, bend your ear to listen to me, thus will you live…. Call to the Lord as long as he is there. You shall go out with joy and be led out with peace. The mountains and the hills will sing and rejoice. All the trees will clap hands. Cypresses will grow in place of thorns and myrrh in place of nettles all for the glory of God.


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