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Nb 35 – Of the cities of the Levites, the free cities

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And the Lord spoke to Moses in the Jordan valley of the Moabites across from Jericho: command the Israelites to give the Levites cities to dwell in and pastures for their livestock and herds and all of their animals. 1000 ells around the city wall, to the east, 2000 ells, to the west, 2000 ells. To the north, 2000 ells, so that the city lies in the middle.
Of the cities you shall give to the Levites, you shall designate six as free cities. So that one who has killed someone may flee there. In addition to these you shall give them 42 other cities so that all you give the Levites a total of 48 cities along with their pastures. Give more from those of the community who possess more and less from those who possess less. Each one shall give to the Levites from his inheritance. And the Lord spoke to Moses and said: speak with the Israelites and say to them: When you cross the Jordan and enter into the land of Canaan you shall choose cities which will be free cities for you, where those may flee who have killed someone accidentally. They should be refuges from the avenger so that he does not die before being tried. Six cities they shall be, three on this side of the Jordan and three on the other.


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