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Dt 32 – The song of Moses / Blessing on Judah

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Listen you heavens, I wish to speak.
Take my speech like rain, drizzle like dew, rain on the grass, drops on herbs.
I wish to praise the name of the Lord, honor him alone.
He is a rock.
His works are perfect.
Like an eagle makes its nest for its young and hovers over them, he spreads his pinions, took and carried them on his wings.
But when Jeshurun grew fat, he became rebellious. Cast God aside, drove Him to jealousy. He grew fat, plump and bloated.
He angered God with foreign gods.
Remember former times.
Consider the years from generation to generation
When the Most High gave the land to the people and divided up humankind, there he gave boundaries to the people
He found them in the desert and took care of them. He protected them like the apple of his eye.
Offerings to foreign gods, evil spirits.
Forgot God at the rock.
When the Lord saw this he said:
I will hide my countenance from you. These are disloyal children.
I will heap disaster upon them. A fire has burst into flame from my wrath.
I will send the animal’s teeth among them and the snake’s venom.
How could it be that one man rives out 1,000 and two make 10,000 flee.
The revenge is mine. I want that in due time their feet slip.
Then the time of disaster is nigh.
Who are their gods, their rock, in which they trust.
Honor, you heathens his people.
I wish to dip my arrows in blood.
My sword shall devour flesh, the blood of the dead and captured and heads of militant enemies.
When Moses had finished reciting the song before Israel, he said: take to heart all of these words that I have attested to today. It is your life.
And the Lord spoke with Moses on the same day and said: Go into the Abarim mountains to Mount Nebo which lies in the land of Moab, across from Jericho and look on the land of Canaan that I will give to the Israelites as their possession.
And the Lord became Lord over Jeshurun as the chiefs of the peoples and the tribes of Israel assembled around him.
Reuben lives and dies not, his side grows in number.
Bring him to his people and make him stronger.
Defeat Levi’s enemies, who hate him that they do not rise against him.
May the Lord who he loves hold his hand over Benjamin.
Zebulun rejoice in your journeys
Issachar rejoice in your tents in the mountains.


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