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Dt 2 – The journey through the desert and victory over Sihon

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Then we continued through the desert around the mountains to the Red Sea.
You shall go through the land of Esau but you may not make war against them for God gave them the country. For 40 years the Lord has been with you and has taken your journey through the desert to heart. We went through the pasture land of the Moabites, where once the massive Emites lived, as big as the Anakites.

When the warriors has all died the Lord spoke to me: you shall go through the land of the Moabites and approach the Ammonites who you shall not wage war with. I have given this land to the sons of Lot.
Land of giants (Zamzummites). The Lord destroyed them. Just like the sons of Esau who destroyed the Horites for the Lord.
The Caphtorites destroyed the Avvites who lived in homesteads as far as Gaza.
Move out! Cross the Arnon. Behold, I have delivered Sihon, king of the Amorites and his lands into your hands. Take possession of it! Do battle with him.
All peoples shall fear your coming
All of the messengers I sent to Sihon returned with nothing, that we wished to pass through his land peacefully. He refused. God delivered him and we defeated him in battle and took all of his cities and destroyed them. We left no survivors. We stole the cattle for ourselves and the plunder from the cities.
The Lord delivered them all into our hands before our eyes. Only the land of the Ammonites was forbidden us, as the Lord said.


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