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Dt 26 – Presentation of firstfruits and the ingredients

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When you enter into the land that the Lord will give you, you shall take all the firstfruits of all the fruit of the field from your land and put them in a basket and bring them to the place of the Lord where a priest will accept your basket and place it before the Lord.
Then you shall declare and say: my father, an Aramean, went down to Egypt to live and try and get by but he was badly treated along with other strangers. However, the became strong and we left Egypt and are now here.
When in the third year (the tithe year)you have collected together the tenths of all your harvest give them to the stranger, the widow and the orphan that they may eat their fill in your city.
I have obeyed the voice of my Lord, my God and have one all as he commanded.
Look down from your sacred dwelling in the heavens and bless the people of Israel.
And the Lord has had you declare today that you wish to be his own people as he promised you, you wish to keep his commandments that he make you sovereign above all peoples he created and that you will be famed, cherished and honored that you will be the sacred people of the Lord, your God as he has promised.


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