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Dt 25 – Determining guilt

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When men have a dispute and bring it before the courts, the innocent shall be pronounced innocent and the guilty, guilty. If he receives lashes, they shall be given before the judge in accordance with the crime. After 40 lashes one shall cease that the brother may not be degraded in your eyes.
You shall not muzzle the ox that is being driven.
When brothers live together and that of one of the wives dies, she shall remain in the tribe, with the brother in law who comes to her. However, the first son that she bears shall be named after the brother, that the name is not destroyed. When the brother in law does not wish to take the wife she shall go to the elder before the gate and he shall call him. If he still does not wish to, she is to take the shoe from his foot and spit in his face and say: thus shall be done to any man that will not build his brothers house.
If a woman uses her hand between two fighting men, you shall hack off her hands.
You shall not have two different scales in your bag. Nor weights!
Today the Lord commands that you obey his commandments and judgments.
The Amalekites crossed paths with you when you left Egypt and killed those who were lagging behind. Therefore, destroy all memory of them from under the heavens.


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