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Dt 22 – Various regulations / Law protecting the slandered and raped

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If a cow or sheep belonging to your brother strays lead it back to him or take it to your house if he lives far away and give it to him when he comes. Thus you shall do with his donkey, cloak or any lost thing that your brother has lost.

A woman shall not wear a man’s clothing, nor a man that of a woman. It is a horror to God.
If you see a bird’s nest with chicks or eggs and the mother sits upon them, do not take the mother but only the chicks. Let the mother fly.
When you build a house, make a scaffold around the roof so that noone falls off.
Plant your vineyard singly that the holiness of all is not lost. You should not work with an ox and a donkey at the same time. You shall not wear a cloak made of both wool and linen.
Make tassels at the four corners of your coat.

When someone takes a girl to be his wife and later speaks badly of her because he has grown weary of her then the father and mother shall take the girl to the elder before the gate and demonstrate proof of her virginity. The man shall be punished that he keep the woman to be his wife for as long as he lives. If she was truly not a virgin than she is to be stoned to death.
If a man lies with a married woman, both shall die, him and her. Even when one is engaged. When such a woman is taken and screams only he shall be put to death. When someone meets a virgin and lies with her he shall marry her and give her father 50 pieces of silver.


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