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Plot: The main character is Esther (ahistorical) (this is a type of novella in which God never appears, originated in the 3rd or 2nd century BC) – a Jewish girl with a beautiful figure and great charm. After Vashti, the wife of the Persian queen Ahasuersus, refuses to respond to his command to show herself during the great feast, he decides to seek out the most beautiful women of the whole realm once again, and Esther becomes queen of the land. Together with her guardian Mordecai, she stops the Grand Vizier Haman’s plan to destroy the Jews living in king Ahasuerus’ kingdom. Haman is revealed, and Mordecai takes his place. Haman and his ten sons are hanged. The Jewess gets permission from the king to kill all her enemies within his kingdom (more than 7,500 people in one day, 500 in the palace). The festival of Purim is celebrated in remembrance of this day.

The book can be broken up into 5 parts:
Mordecai and the conspiracy against Ahasuersus, Esther 1:1a-b
Esther becomes the queen Esther 1:1-2, 2
Haman’s attack on the Jews Esther 3:1-15
Averting danger Esther 4:1 – 7:10
Salvation of the Jews Esther 8:1 – 10:3

The book begins with Mordecai’s dream and leads into the large banquet of Ahasuersus in the garden of the palace of Susa.


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