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The book Joshua

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In approximately 1190 B.C., Joshua received a commandment from God to go with the people over the Jordan into the land “that I will give the Israelites.” Under Joshua’s leadership, the people of Israel entered the “promised land.” A land seizure in a most favorable period, because the “Trojan War” was still keeping the people of Greece occupied. Egypt also became weak and its supremacy over Canaan continually weakened, especially since Egypt’s city-states were tearing one another to pieces. Complacent despots turned the people into plebeians, into subjects without rights.
They devastated the magnificent cedar forests of Lebanon. They plundered and murdered, were corrupt and bloodthirsty toward the helpless people, and destroyed and decimated them. One of the high points of Israel is shown In the Book of Joshua: “The conquest of Canaan.” And another: iron is discovered in the land of the Hittites! Although the Egyptians manufactured iron from meteorites two thousand years before this. The Iron Age begins. The Bronze Age fades. A strong migration of people surges by land and water to Asia Minor. There are Indo-Europeans who reach Canaan and Egypt. However, at the same time, the people of Joshua become aware of the promise of God. The victory at Gibeon raises the question about the “miracle of the sun.” The sun stands still!? But God forces the Israelites to fight for what he wants to give them: “God helps those who help themselves.”


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