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Dt 17 – Prohibition of heathen cult practices, punishment for idolization / Appointment of a supreme court / The law of kings

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Do not offer a cow or sheep to the Lord which has defects. This is a horror to God.
If there is in your city a man or woman who does so and serves other gods, prays to them, whether it be the sun or moon or the entire army of heaven which is not commanded by God investigate thoroughly. If it is so that the horrific act occurs you shall lead the man or woman before the gates and stone them to death. On the testimony of two or three people they are to die who deserve death. However, not on the testimony of one person. That hand shall be the first to kill them, but after that, the hand of the entire people, that you remove evil from within your midst.

If a matter is to much for your courts to judge, go up to the cities which God will choose, to the Levitical priests and the judges and ask them. They should tell you the verdict. And shall do as they say in the holy places of the Lord. Keep to their directions and verdict, do not turn aside to the left of the right, do not be foolhardy, for he who disobeys the priests who serve the Lord, he shall die, for thus you remove evil from the people of Israel.

When you enter into a country, take possession of it and say: I wish to appoint a king above me such as the people around me have, you shall appoint above you the king who the Lord, your God will choose. However, you must appoint one of your brothers king. Only that he does not become full of himself and lead the people back to Egypt. For the Lord wishes that you never again go that way. Nor shall he take many women or collect too much silver and gold. When he sits on the throne of his kingdom he shall have this law copied in a book that he may read it and learn to fear the Lord, his God, that he follow all the words of this law. His heart shall not be elevated above those of his brothers and shall not stray from the commandments, to the right nor the left that his rule may be long, he and his sons in Israel.


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