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Dt 15 – Slave law / Blessing of the first born

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Every five years you shall forgive the debt of your neighbor. You may collect it from a foreigner. For that the Lord, your God will bless you and you will rule, noone above you. If one of your brothers in the country is poor you shall harden your heart and hand. Take care not to let wicked thoughts come into your mind. The seventh year is coming and that is why you give him nothing, so you are unfriendly to your brother, give and do not let your heart grown annoyed, the Lord will bless you for it as long as there are poor people in the country.

If any of your Hebrew brothers sell themselves to you, he shall serve for six years. However, release him in the seventh year and do not let him go empty handed. Sheep from the threshing floor, from the cellar. However, if he says he does not wish to go take an awl and drill through his ear into the post of your door and let him be forever your servant or maidservant. However, he is to be free and the Lord will bless you in all that you do.

Firstborn among your cows and sheep, when they are male, shall be kept holy for the Lord. Do not use them in the fields, do not shear them. You shall eat them every year at the place the Lord has selected.
If an animal has a defect, you shall not offer it, rather eat it yourself like a buck or deer.


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