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Jr – Jeremiah

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About the paintings:
Jeremiah the Chosen one, from long, long ago, is represented by me in a collage over several pages as a butterfly. I have let this prophet’s universe spread out on both side of the accordion fold like a pendulum, so this book begins in the center of it. In other words the infinite past – his life (center) – the infinite are the forms of presenting this name of God. The contents follow in a loose sequence. Viewed and structured very abstractly. Hardly a realistic incursion into Jeremiah’s life, rather a synergy – a total expression of him as an individual with God.
Jeremiah = Yahweh at a higher level
born c. 650 B.C. in Astato (near Jerusalem)
626 becomes a prophet
621 Discovery of a scroll of the laws in the temple
586 Sack and destruction of Jerusalem
Contests the pro-Egyptian attitude
Persecuted for this by state and church
He was kidnapped and brought to Egypt after the murder of Gelaljas (a nobleman of Judaea).
His sermon is summarized in the book of Jeremiah. The lamentations are also attributed to him.


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