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Nb 26 – The Census of the tribes of the nation

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And the Lord spoke following the plague: take a census by tribe of the entire community of the Israelites older than twenty who are able to fight in battle. And Moses and Eleazar did so in the Jordan valley of the Moabites, across from Jericho those twenty years old or more as God commanded
The sons of Ruben were:
Hanock = Henochites
Pallu = Pallaites
Hezron = Hezronites
Karmi = Karmites
They numbered 43,730

The sons of Pallu were Eliab, the sons of Eliab were Nemeul, Dathan and Abiram. They were those called by the assembly and who rebelled against Moses and Aaron along with the rebel Korah and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them and the fire devoured 250 more men and they became a sign

However, not all sons of Korah died.

The sons of Simeon were, according to their tribes:
Nemuel = Nemuelites
Jamin = Jaminites
Jachin = Jachinites
Zera = Zerahites
Shaul = Shaulites
22,200 people

The sons of Gad were, according to their tribes:
Zephon = Zephonites
Haggi = Haggites
Shuni = Shunites
Ozni = Oznites
Eri = Erites
Arodi = Arodites
Areli = Arelites

40,500 people

Judah’s sons were: Er and Onan who both died in Canaan.

However, there were the sons of Judah according to their tribes:
Shelah = Shelahnites
Perez = Perezites
Zerah = Zerahites

The sons of Perez were:
Hezron = Hezronites
Hamul = Hamulites
76,500 people
The sons of Issachar were, according to their tribes:
Tola = Tolaites
Puah = Puites
Jashub = Jashubites
Shimron = Schimronites
64,300 people

The sons of Zebulun were, according to their tribes:
Sered = Seredites
Elon = Elonites
Jahleel = Jahleelites
60,500 people

The sons of Joseph were, according to their tribes:
Manasseh and Ephraim,

The sons of Manasseh were:
Makir = Makirites

Makir beget Gilead = Gileadites

Sons of Gilead were:
Iezer = Iezerites
Helek = Helekites
Asriel = Asrielites
Shechem = Shechemites
Shemida = Schemidaites
Hepher = Hepherites

Zelophahad was the son of Hepher and had only daughters who were named: Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milkah and Tirzah.

52,700 people

The sons of Ephraim were, according to their tribe:
Shuthelah = Shuthelahites
Beker = Bekerites
Tahan = Tahanites

The sons of Shuthelah were:
Eran = Eranites
32,500 people

The sons of Benjamin according to their tribes:
Bela = Belaites
Ashbel = Ashbelites
Ahiram = Ahiramites
Shupham = Shuphamites
Hupham = Huphamites

Sons of Bela were:
Ard = Ardites
Namaan = Namaanites
45,600 people

The sons of Dan according to their tribes

Schuham = Schuhamites
64,400 people

The sons of Asher according to their tribes

Imnah = Imnahites
Ishvi = Ishvites
Beriah = Beriahites

The sons of Beriah were:

Heber = Heberites
Malkiel = Malkielites

The daughter of Asher was named Serah

53,400 people

The sons of Naphtali according to their tribes

Jahzeel = Jahzeelites
Guni = Gunnites
Jezer = Jezerites
Shillem = Shillemites

45,400 people

This is the total number of Israelites

601,730 people

And the Lord spoke to Moses and said: amongst these you shall divide the land for their inheritance according to the number of names. The tribe that is large you shall give more inheritance and that which is fewer in number, less. Each according to their number.
However, the land shall be divided by lots by the name of the tribe, their fathers shall receive their portion of the inheritance. Following the choosing of lots you shall divide the inheritance between the few and the many.


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