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Nb 3,14 – The families of the Levites and their service

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And the Lord spoke unto Moses on Sinai: Count the sons of Levi by clans and families, whatever is male, a month old and beyond. Moses did this.
And these were the names of the sons of Levi: Gershon, Kohath, and Merari.
The names of the sons of Gershon: Libni and Shimei.
The names of the sons of Kehath: Amram, Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel.
The names of the sons of Merari: Mahli and Mushi.

These are the families of Gershon: Libnites and Shimites, total number: 7 500 men.

The families of the Gershonites shall set camp westward behind the tabernacle. Your prince Eliasaph, son of Lael. At the tabernacle, you shall be in charge of the dwelling, the tent, its ceiling and the curtain in the door of the tabernacle; the shawls at the court, the curtain in the door of the court which surrounds the tabernacle and the altar, and their ropes, and whatever else belongs to their liturgy.
These are the families of Kohath: the Amramites, Izharites, Hebronites, Uzzielites, totalling 8 600 men who provide service in the sanctuary. They shall camp on the side of the residence from the south. Prince Elisaphan, son of Uzziel. They should take charge of the ark, the table, the lampstand, the altars, and all the equipment of the sanctuary where they serve, and the curtain and whatever else belongs to their liturgy.

The prince of all Levites shall be Eleasar, son of Aaron, the priest who supervises those who provide the service of the sanctuary.
These are the families of Merari: Mahlites and Mushites, totalling 6 200 men. Your prince was Zuriel, son of Abihail. They shall camp northward on the side of the tabernacle. They are in charge of boards, bars and columns, the base of the residence, all the equipment and everything else that belongs to the liturgy. In addition, they are in charge of the pillars of the court, the base, pegs and ropes.

But before the residence and the tabernacle toward the east must be where Moses and Aaron and his sons shall camp, so that they take heed to the sanctuary for the children of Israel. If a stranger approaches, he shall perish.

All the Levites number 22 000 men according to their families after Moses and Aaron counted them


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